Product Overview

Morningstar, ProStar PWM Charge Controller, Gen 3, 15A, 12/24VDC, with LCD Meter, PS-15M

?Morningstar’s ProStar has been upgraded. This new third generation model offers additional features and capabilities while maintaining the same form factor, quality, and reliability that has made the ProStar the world’s leading mid-range PWM solar controller for professional and consumer applications since 1995.

Morningstar’s ProStar PS-15M is the world’s leading mid-range solar charge controller for both professional and consumer applications. This second generation ProStar adds new features and protections using highly advanced technology, provides longer battery life and improved system performance; and sets new standards for reliability and self-diagnostics.

Morningstar's ProStar series solar charge controllers work great with: leisure (caravan and boating), residential, rural electrification and solar energy systems, security and instrumentation, off-grid solar applications, telecommunications, transportation and traffic. ProStar modles come equiped with a five year warranty, and have received CE certification.