Product Overview

Morningstar, SunLight Charge/Lighting Controller, 10A, 12VDC, SL-10L-12V

?Morningstar’s advanced SunLight SL-10L-12V solar lighting controller combines the SunSaver design with a microcontroller for automatic lighting control functions. The SunLight series technology provides: proven reliability, precise lighting control and PWM battery charging. Four versions are available: 12 Volt 10 Amp ratings, 12 Volt 20 Amp ratings, 24 Volt 10 Amp ratings, and 24 Volt 20 Amp ratings.

Morningstar's SunLight charge controllers have a variety of individual lighting control features, which; determine day and night with ten different preset lighting control options, measuring the length of the night (which is calculated by taking a moving four night average, and adjusts for seasonal changes). The SunLight's controller series carries an expected fifteen year life span, they are easy to use, and have high efficiency with a low self-consumption. The SunLight-10 parallels with the SunSaver for 40 Amps solar, and includes a SunSaver battery charging circuit.